InterSystems IRIS AI

Programmers challenge about creation of open source solutions using the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

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Come up with an idea for an Application using AI / ML based on InterSystems IRIS technologies and win the main prize of $ 2000!

In our competition, you or your team need to choose one of the proposed ideas (list of ideas) or come up with your own idea and implement a project (application) that meets the requirements of AI / ML. The generated project can be a library, package, tool, or any AI / ML solution that any of the InterSystems IRIS distributions use.
The application must use any of the following InterSystems products:
InterSystems IRIS can be used as a regular DBMS for data storage.
You can use the AutoML functionality of InterSystems IRIS - IntegratedML, this will allow you to use AI using SQL expressions.
If you are doing AI solutions with Python, you can also use InterSystems IRIS with the Python Gateway.
Our Online Courses will help you learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies and prepare for the competition.

Docker support

Your solution can be run as a Docker container and use any InterSystems IRIS source docker image.

If your solution meets this requirement, it gets additional technology votes.


20 August -
31 October 2020 

Qualifying round
Registration, team formation,
presentation of the application idea (up to 5 slides)

03 November -
30 November 2020

Second phase
Creation of an application and description (up to 10 slides)

December 10, 2020

The final
Summing up, publishing the results of the challenge

Prize fund

The winners will be determined by a jury of experts.

The jury of the competition includes InterSystems product managers and Global Masters VIP lawyers.
The next top 10 teams will win $ 100 each.