Unlimited possibilities 2021

Use your knowledge and skills to design projects that improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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The international ‘Unlimited possibilities’ challenge is aimed at creating innovative projects so as to improve the living standards of people with disabilities, for whom innovation is an opportunity to move freely, socialize and perceive the world.


You can read the Statute of the Competition in the  "Rules"  tab.


All stages of the Competition are held online. Participation is free of charge.


For successful participation you need to: 


1. Register on the website;

2. Choose a category to participate in;

3. Form a team or join an existing one (individual participation is also possible);

4. Create an innovative project aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities, design it and send it to experts;

5.Qualify for the final and present your project to the experts.


You can also take part in an online school during the competition.


All teams that took part in the first and subsequent stages will receive certificates of participants of the International Competition ‘Unlimited Possibilities 2021’. The finalists and winners will receive branded products and prizes from sponsors








Internet without borders


The goal of the nomination is to adapt the use of the World Wide Web for people with disabilities.



The advent of the Internet has become a true way out for people with disabilities, who are often deprived of the opportunity to leave their homes and communicate with people face-to-face. For them it is not only an immense source of information, but also a platform of great opportunities where they can realize their potential: work remotely, get an education, run their own household, get acquainted and communicate with other people. However, much like the urban environment, the Internet is primarily adapted for ordinary people, and not all sites and mobile applications are user-friendly for people with disabilities.


Task :


It is vital to develop a website, mobile application or software product that can make it easier for people with disabilities to use a computer and the Internet, as well as to communicate with each other through the aforementioned technical means.


The developed product should facilitate the perception of content for at least one category of the following users:


 ●  visually impaired people;

 ●  people with impaired hearing;

 ●  people with motor disability of fingers.


Accessible environment


The goal of the nomination is to create projects that facilitate everyday life for people with disabilities, solve issues of adaptation to environment for people with disabilities.




Every day people with disabilities face different kinds of challenges. Sometimes they struggle to perform the simplest actions.

Like any of us, people with disabilities need to go out – to school, to work, to the hospital, to the cinema, parks, etc. Here they face various difficulties. To create an accessible and comfortable environment, they need helpers, whose role is often performed by relatives and friends. However, all people have the right to equal opportunities, and it is the innovative technologies development that contributes to this issue.



It is demanded to offer an idea or develop a project of a software and/or hardware product that would facilitate, make faster and qualitatively improve the lives of people with disabilities. The product can be a mobile app, website, robot, device, etc.

Think about the daily domestic needs of a person with a disability at their home. For example, the need to get dressed, have a shower, prepare food, pay bills, tidy up, make a purchase, make a phone call, find a job, etc.

Think, which obstacles can a person with disabilities (for example, visually impaired person, person with impaired hearing or locomotor impairments) face just by crossing the threshold of their home? How can we make the objects of the urban environment – entrance porches, buildings and shops, public transport, streets and inner-block public spaces, exits from the sidewalk to the road – user-friendly for the people?


Prosthetics Plus


The goal of the nomination is to collect ideas and projects that solve the problems of mobility disabilities.


Description :


Injuries, associated with organs or separate body parts amputation, hinder daily life and make certain restrictions.

There are special devices that help to cope with these issues: conventional prostheses, bionic prostheses, 3D printed organs and a huge number of useful ideas that are currently at the design and implementation stage.


Task :


Study the existing devices that improve body functions and view the topic of intelligent prostheses. Think, can you improve them? Or do you have an idea of creating something completely new? Perhaps, you will come up with an innovative analogue of an existing device, but being cheaper to produce and more functional.




The goal of the nomination is to develop innovative technologies that allow identifying the most effective physical rehabilitation programs and reduce the time required to recover lost functions or replace them with the new ones.




Modern medicine is becoming more and more high-tech. The active use of new technologies in the field of rehabilitation enhances its effectiveness greatly. An important component of the modern rehabilitation process is the creation of an interactive environment that allows people with disabilities to expand the opportunities significantly.




You need to create a project, program or technology that allows effective lost functions recovery, helps adapt people with disabilities to the life in a full-fledged society.




The goal of the nomination is to minimize the impact of environmental pollution on human health.



According to the report of the European Environment Agency, ‘one in eight deaths in Europe is linked to air pollution, noise as well as poor water quality and the impact of chemicals.’.

There is a clear link between the state of the environment and the health of the population. Taking care of our planet, we save not only ecosystems, but also people's lives.




You need to prepare a project aimed at minimizing the impact of environmental pollution on human health.





All stages are held online.

Who can take part in the competition?



Students and specialists aged 18 to 35 are invited to participate in the competition.


Individual and team participation (up to 4 people per team) can take part in the project. Each team must include one person with disabilities as a full participant or as a team consultant, for whom the topic of the project being developed is relevant.

Opportunities for participants



The authors of the best projects will receive consulting support from experts.


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive prizes from the partners.


Contestants will be able to find like-minded people and a team to implement future projects.


Organizer and co-organizer




The Black Sea Climate and Business Initiative (CLIMBIZ)




All-Russian Public Organization ‘All-Russian Society of Disabled People’


All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled People ‘All-Russian Society of the Deaf’


National Accessible Urban Environment Association


Deaf Skills



Project Manager:

Atamanenko Anastasia

+7 (918) 583-02-00



Project leader:

Monakhov Roman

+7 (920) 927-54-74



Media contact:

Galina Fedorovich

+7 (918) 151-83-34